Vasto, Abruzzo – Italy

Today I would like to show you some pictures of Vasto, Province of Chieti in Abruzzo.

Abruzzo is one of the twenty Italian regions. It is situated in the central part of Italy and stretches from the heart of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea. This region is really beautiful and I was enchanted by the colour of the sea.

Nearby airports: Pescara, 70 Km – Foggia, 127 Km – Naples Capodichino, 185 Km.
There are also buses:  depart from Chieti, Pescara and Rome, and there is a railway station with almost hourly connections to Pescara.

Let’s see now the pictures, I hope you enjoy the tour!

Love and lights,


AbruzzoA-01ABRUZZOaA-01AbruzzoaB-01AbruzzoB-01AbruzzobB (1)-01AbruzzoD-01AbruzzoE-01AbruzzoF-01AbruzzoG-01AbruzzoH-01AbruzzoI-01abruzzoJ-01AbruzzoK-01Abruzzoaperol-01

4 thoughts on “Vasto, Abruzzo – Italy

  1. I always enjoy so much your travelogues and your gorgeous photos. This looks like a magnificent place – it’s colorful, warm, inviting…a great place to visit or vacation. I hope you got a chance to swim and enjoy the sunshine. Thanks again for sharing. I’ll be you speak Italian like a native now!

    With much love – Lowell & Lois Anne


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