New York City at night

Hi guys! I’m back after a delicious longer Summer vacation. I had been visiting Germany, Sweden, Canada and USA. Lots of pictures and thoughts to share.

Today’s special: NYC at night!

I have already visited NYC before but this time I experienced two different things that for me were really pleasant! First one I did a boat trip at night! Awesome views and it was totally free! Oh yes…you can use the Staten Island Ferry that serves commuters traveling between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan. Second, I enjoyed the great pleasure of eating an American hot-dog! 🙂 By the way, the best one I have eaten! My hint is Crif Dogs. There are many toppings suggestions, my favourites were “Jon-Jon Deragon”, “Tsunami” and “Temptee dog”.

I hope you enjoy the tour!

Love and lights,





4 thoughts on “New York City at night

  1. Ah, Leia! Your photos make me want to jump on a plane and head to New York. Your photography is, as usual, quite amazing. You have brought the city to life and your night shots are perfection. I’ll bet you had a wonderful time, not only in NYC but in Canada. Maybe some day you’ll make it all the way to Ocala? :)) Ocala isn’t as exciting as most places, it would be fun to see you and Cezar again. Our very best wishes to you both and to Marina, also. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographic talents!

    Lowell & Lois Anne 💞

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