The cradle of Austria: Hallstatt

Bonjour  world! 🙂

Today’s Highlights are pictures from a kind of wonderland: the village of Hallstatt in Austria. This little village is so amazingly beautiful. We spent only an afternoon but I got a feeling that I was living inside a dream.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves!


Hallstatt at Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “The cradle of Austria: Hallstatt

  1. As usual, your photographs are spectacular! At first I thought it was Switzerland. Amazingly beautiful town and setting. The light on the mountains in that first photo just blows me away! Hope that you are all doing well. Things are OK here so far. Lois goes for tests in April so we have our fingers crossed about that but don’t anticipate a problem.

    Your site here is so nice! Love that header shot, too.

    Best to you and your wonderful family!

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