Rue Philippe II, Luxembourg 2017- “Un été pas comme les autres”

After the colourful umbrellas floating above Rue Phillipe II in 2014, “Look up” day-glow spider’s web in 2015 and “Swings” by Luxembourg artist Max Mertens in 2016, Casino Luxembourg has invited seven international artists to participate in 2017 of the competition organised by the Association rue Philippe II in partnership with the City of Luxembourg. For this year’s edition, the jury chose the temporary installation “Air Deluxe” by HeHe.


The installation resembles a sky of ‘clouds’ formed and created from breathing tubes. These clouds are a sort of poetic metaphor for pure and fresh air which has become a ‘luxury product’ in many cities throughout the world.


The English-speaking couple Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen (HeHe) discuss in their work the problems of air pollution, as well as the illusory and utopian will of man to tame nature and to master at the same time weather conditions.



Casino Luxembourg website


One thought on “Rue Philippe II, Luxembourg 2017- “Un été pas comme les autres”

  1. Bonjour Leia! Another wonderful post filled with your glorious photographs. That is a dramatic and powerful exhibition and an important one. Clean air and clean water are a priority for a good life and so many people have neither. It’s a political problem, unfortunately, as as long as we are ruled by those who do not care, we’ve got an uphill battle.

    You’ll note that I’ve dropped out of CDP and have set up another blog that will feature all sorts of photos, not necessarily tied to one place. It’s at Stop by sometime if you get the chance.

    Best wishes always!


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