An unforgettable weekend in the Champagne Region – France

Ahh Champagne! This exquisite sparkling wine called Champagne! Champagne reminds me of celebrations… happiness! I like the sound of those little bubbles, the delicious taste and different aromas. I do not know if you agree or disagree, but I can not help myself…I am a big fan of Champagne! 🙂 And the Champagne Region is amazingly beautiful!





We visited “Jean-Marie Gobillard & Fils” and it was a nice opportunity to taste excellent Champagne. The ambiance is nice and they have a good variety of Champagne, our favourite was Premier Cru Grande Reserve. 🙂




We also visited “Champagne G. Tribaut” in Hautvillers, France.



Hautvillers is THE place for Champagne tasting and in this town G.Tribaut is a must.
There are several options of Champagne by the glass between 2 and 3 euros and we even got to taste a millésime from 2006. Exquisite!


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We stayed only for the weekend. Although I want to come back soon! I really loved the beautiful view of the vineyards in Champagne. Unforgettable indeed!

Champagne Region at Wikipedia




One thought on “An unforgettable weekend in the Champagne Region – France

  1. Dear Leia! You make me want to hop on a plane and head to France…or wherever you’re visiting! Your photos are always so excellent and thus, so enticing! I don’t think I’ve ever had “good” Champagne…mostly just the cheap stuff, so I’d really like the wine-tasting part of your trip! 🙂 Such beautiful country, too. I could write a poem about it! So glad that you’re able to be out and about and enjoy the wonderful vistas offered by such places. Please greet your wonderful husband and beautiful daughter for me.

    We celebrated our 60th anniversary on Thursday. That’s hard to imagine, but like I always say, it’s Lois Anne’s fault! She’s the “glue” that held us together all these years. The only problem is that neither of us feel good enough to do much traveling so we stayed home and had a nice quiet day. Our son and his wife and our daughter and her family are coming up next week, so that will be fun.

    Best wishes to you and please give Luna a hug from Cleo and Cassie!


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