A day trip to Gibraltar, The Rock!

“Welcome to Gibraltar” is the first sign you see when you enter there. There are several welcome signs in the city. According to the Official website Visit Gibraltar “you’ll experience great Gibraltarian hospitality along with our proud British traditions”. Well, it’s true they have a nice city center with lots of coffees and shoppings. All in the UK style and the prices in pound. It was nice to see those red buses driving around. The Rock of Gibraltar is really impressive!


A hint if you are driving a car is to use one parking in La Linea. You can easily walk to the border within minutes. It is easier and cheaper. After crossing the board you can take a public bus to the city center. We paid 3 euros for a return ticket. Gibraltar airport is also just over the border. In fact people, bikes, buses, cars…everybody crosses the airport runway! Of course there are traffic lights, don’t worry about that! 🙂


“Gibraltar colloquially known as The Rock,  is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom sitting at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Spain to the north …” You can read more of Gibraltar at Wikitravel and Wikipedia.


History of Gibraltar at Wikipedia.

Visit Gibraltar official website.



One thought on “A day trip to Gibraltar, The Rock!

  1. Oh, my dear friend, this post brought back lots of memories. I visited Gibraltar in 1957 when I was just a young man in the Navy. We flew up for a day from the naval air station in Port Lyautey, Morocco. I don’t remember too much, except I heard that there were monkeys on top of the mountain and the legend was that when the monkeys died off, the British would leave Gibraltar. When we were in the Azores, I heard also the story that the US wanted the British in Gibraltar. So when the monkeys began to die off, the US Air Force shipped monkeys to Gibraltar from South America. I don’t think that’s entirely true but it makes for a good story. We had a few sailors who ventured to the top of the mountain. They were told to be very careful because the monkeys grabbed cameras and watches, etc., and then ran off.

    I remember shopping in the main shopping district which at the time was not all that large. I bought Lois a beautiful yellow cashmere sweater set for about $30 (It would have cost several hundred dollars in the U.S.) Unfortunately, she didn’t like it much. LOL.

    Anyway, some interesting memories you stirred up with your photos. Gibraltar doesn’t look much different now than it did in 1957! 🙂

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