The picturesque and adorable town of Nerja, Andalusia – Spain

When we arrived in Nerja, a popular coastal resort town about 50 kilometres east of Málaga, two Bs came to my mind: Busy and Beautiful! 🙂


Busy: we intended to spend an afternoon there in our way to Granada. However the city center was crowded…but so crowded! It was still in June and I imagined this resort inaccessible during Summer time. We almost gave it up because finding a place to park the car was almost impossible, an adventure! 🙂 Well… we were lucky enough to find a place after 40 minutes driving around. LOL It is really complicated!  So…back to the Bs, Nerja is BEAUTIFUL. You look at the colour of the sea and  guys…you dream! This is unbelievably beautiful!



A magnificent promenade along the edge of a towering cliff called “Balcony of Europe” with sweeping panoramic views of the Mediterranean and the small coves and beaches below, against an awesome backdrop of hazy blue mountains. Stunning!


Maybe we come back to stay more time enjoying the charming place during winter, to forget a little bit the grey weather in Luxembourg, as they say the beaches with crystal clear water are ideal for bathing even in the winter with temperatures around 20°C in November! 🙂 It looks appealing, doesn’t it?

You can see a video from Nerja that I published in my Bonjour et Bon Voyage Facebook Page. It is really nice!

Nerja Today website

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  1. That’s the problem when a place becomes very popular. It also become very busy and often then loses its charm. But, obviously, the city of Nerja has not lost its charm as we can see by your photos! So very nice. And that water is so inviting. I definitely think you should visit again in the winter. 🙂

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