Tiny country of San Marino

Yes, it’s a country, even though it is fully surrounded by Italian land. And it’s the oldest republic still in existence, founded in the year 301. It retains a medieval feel in the historic center of its capital and makes for a pleasant day visit. The total are is just above 60 km2 but somehow they found space to cultivate some vines. They produce a very nice sparkling variety! Views of the city towers and Mount Titano are mesmerizing! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Love, lights and hugs…see you soon!

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One thought on “Tiny country of San Marino

  1. I did not know about this very tiny country! Amazing. Can’t imagine living in/on the mountain sides like that. I don’t like heights, so would have a hard time climbing up to see the views. But I’m glad that you can take that all is stride and take so many lovely photos. I’d certainly enjoy walking around this small country!

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