The world famous Niagara Falls, Canada

Bonjour and Happy 2018 beautiful people!

We just arrived from amazing holidays in Ontario. Oh yes, I am suffering from an awful jetlag. 😦 Apart from this everything is fine and it is good to be back home in Luxembourg. Anyway, today I want to share with you some pictures of our first stop which was in Niagara Falls. The city is a little noisy and reminded me of an amusement park, but really fun and nice. The main sight is the impressive Falls. Awesome!Niagara9Niagara2Niagara1Niagara3.1Niagara3

View of USA Falls and Rainbow Bridge.
In Niagara region we also tasted some local wine.



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4 thoughts on “The world famous Niagara Falls, Canada

  1. Hi Grace, thanks for your words! In fact I have never been in Las Vegas, but I have some much feeling of this when I was walking through the city center. The Falls are wonderful indeed. However in Brazil, Iguaçu Falls are much grander than Niagara. 🙂 big hugs!


  2. I’m impressed. Wow! Your photos are becoming more and more spectacular! Love those night shots, but all of the photos in this post grab the view and force him/her to pay attention. I’ve not been to Niagara Falls, and had no idea it was so much like a theme park. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad to hear you’re home safely. Give Luna a hug from me!


  3. Hey Lowell, thanks for your kind words. Indeed the city center was so noisy…a kind of park for me. For us it was a surprise, but nice. I guess it is a paradise for family with kids. Luna is happy that we came back home. Everything is fine apart from jetlag. I am in slow motion mode! LOL big hugs to you and Lois Anne and the kitties.


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