Casa Loma, the house on the hill in Toronto, Ontario.

Bonjour beautiful people! Today I would like to share with you some pictures from Casa Loma, a special tourist attraction in Toronto, Canada.

Casa Loma0

Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival style house and gardens that is now a museum and landmark. It was built as a residence for financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt and took three years and $3.5 million to be built. Wow…I say…Wow! And it is really amazing!

Casa Loma1Casa Loma4Casa Loma1.1Casa Loma2Casa Loma4.2

The house is filled with artworks from Canada and around the world. Casa Loma stood as a monument to its creator. The unique architecture has also made it a highly desirable location for film, including the X-Men series and Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Chicago and more. The house is majestic! With soaring battlements and secret passageways, it paid homage to the castles and knights of days gone by.

Casa Loma0.1Casa Loma6Casa Loma5Casa Loma7Casa Loma6.1Casa Loma11Casa Loma9Casa Loma8Casa Loma10

That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed the tour and see you soon!




3 thoughts on “Casa Loma, the house on the hill in Toronto, Ontario.

  1. Thanks, Leia! I’ve seen many photos of the exterior of this gorgeous place but never any of the interior so I really appreciate your post! What a magnificent structure and your photos tell the story perfectly. Hope all is well with you and your family!

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  2. Wow! This house is amazing and you have photographed it beautifully Leia. I love the exterior, but the interiors are gorgeous.

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