The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto

Hi guys! Last days of December 2017 I visited The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto. Lovely experience as I am very affectionate for Art! The venue itself is awesome! The Power Plant is Canada’s leading public gallery devoted exclusively to contemporary visual art. It is an innovative, not-for-profit cultural organization that enlivens, educates and entertains a diverse public.

I would like to share with you some highlights:

Michael Landy –  Demonstration

For his exhibition at The Power Plant, Michael Landy invites the public to collaborate in building a ‘wall of protest’ by submitting images, words, texts and slogans that represent their thoughts and feelings—of hope or of despair, on matters small or large, from high to low and across the cultural spectrum—to be transformed by the artist into drawings.


Amalia Pica – exhibition ears to speak of

Amalia Pica – exhibition ears to speak of

Sammy Baloji and Filip De Boeck

Urban Now: City Life in Congo.

Sammy Baloji and Filip De Boeck – Urban Now: City Life in Congo. This exhibition offers an exploration of different urban sites in Congo through photography and video.

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231 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2G8 Canada