A little bit of paradise called Jura in France

Bonjour beautiful people!  Jura is a delightful less well-known region of France. It is about 3 or 4 hours drive from Luxembourg and for some reason we had never been there. C’est dommage!  Jura is adorable and so calm (can you imagine somewhere in France free from tourist crowds? yeah!!!).


There is so much to explore. Plenty of interesting towns like Arbois, Poligny, Chateau-Chalon, Baume-les-Messieurs…All of them very much worth visiting. Stretching a bit further one can reach lake Chalain and the Herisson waterfalls.  An invigorating setting that lends itself to a fine array of activities: hiking, kayaking, skiing, trout fishing, thermal spa treatments… and tasting the local specialities, starting with comté cheese and the famous vin jaune of the Arbois vineyards.

So, less talk and more “images”. I hope you enjoy my pictures! 🙂


Hint: we stayed at Hotel la Fontaine (RN 83 Montchauvrot – 39230 Mantry). Excellent location if traveling by car, for a stopover near the A-29 and also to stay a little longer and explore the Jura.

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4 thoughts on “A little bit of paradise called Jura in France

  1. What a gorgeous place and I love the fact that it’s not overrun by tourists or other strange sorts of people! 🙂 Love your photos, too. I can see why someone would want to stay there for awhile and drink in the beautiful scenery and the calm peace that the place exudes. But would it get boring to live in such a place…if you were retired? I think I might miss some of the craziness of a larger city, along with the shopping and restaurants, etc.

    Hope you are doing well! Hugs to you and Cezar and Marina and Luna!

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  2. You are always so kind, I agree with you Lowell. I guess I would prefer someplace in Florida 😉 Thank you so much! hugs


  3. Hi Leia! Such a gorgeous place.
    It is easy to see that it isn’t really a tourist destination. There are very few people in your beautiful photos.
    It must be so easy to feel relaxed there. It even comes through in your photographs. It would be a nice to place to “decompress” for a while.

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  4. For sure it’s a good place to relax! 🙂 And I love all the green landscape! Thank you so much for your kind words!


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