Montreal Underground City, Canada.

Hello guys! Today I would like to share some images and impressions of the Montreal Underground City in Canada.

The Underground City  ( officially RÉSO ) is a series of interconnected office towers, hotels, shopping centres, residential and commercial complexes, restaurants, convention halls, universities and performing arts venues, galleries, rail stations, cinemas, night clubs and so on.

Montreal’s underground city consists of 32 km (20 miles) of tunnels spread over an area of twelve square kilometres of downtown Montreal. Imagine that! I was astonished at this incredible network located underneath the streets of Montreal. The network is particularly useful during Montreal’s long winters. You can access the Underground city from many metro stations. I enjoyed it a lot! My impressions: I found everything clean and I felt secure walking around.

If you want to eat something, you will find many fast food options or restaurants. And do not worry… because you will always find a clean useful restroom! 🙂

Hope you enjoy the pictures!