Grundtvig’s Church – Copenhagen, Denmark

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ABC Wednesday – Egypt Art and Edgar Degas

ABC Wednesday : E for Egypt Art and Edgar Degas
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Egypt Art and Edgar Degas
 at Ny Glyptotek – Copenhagen, Denmark

Egypt –The collection contains statues, reliefs, paintings, decorated mummies, painted mummy coffins and a wealth of tomb treasures.
In Egypt art was a magic tool.The pictures in the temples and tombs were silent rituals which were to serve the gods and the dead.

 According to belief, the statues took the place of the living bodies and the pictures were conjurations by means of which was depicted would take place in reality.

Edgar Degas. Studies in Bronze
The French artist Edgar Degas ( 1834-1917) experimented with expressing movement in his paintings and sculptures.

Edgar Degas is best known as a painter, but as concomitant to his paintings, he modelled sculptures in wax in order to understand better the body in motion.
The new display can be seen until 1.5.2011.

ABC Wednesday – Queens Palaces

ABC Wednesday : Q for House of the Queen.
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Amalienborg Palace – Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Buckingham Palace – Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
Her Majesty the Queen – web page.

Royal Palace – Queen Sonja of Norway

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