Coq au Vin – Luxembourg


1 rooster chopped in pieces ( or you can use a chicken )
80g smoked bacon
duck fat 
160g onion
250g champignon of Paris ( mushrooms)
fine herbs, parsley
some garlic
butter, flour
a little dose of Armagnac
1 bottle of red wine ( preferably Madiran or Bordeaux )
In an iron casserole ( if possible), put the bacon to fry a little bit and then 
add the rooster in order to roast every side, for about 15 min.
Add the other ingredients: parsley, onion, champignon, etc.
Add the red wine until it covers the rooster.
Simmer for 1 hour, let it rest and simmer for 1 more hour…
(the longer it cooks the better)
Finally, if the sauce is too thin prepare separately a mix of 5 spoons of flour, 
2 spoons of hot water and 50 g butter,
then put it in the casserole and stir.
At last add the Armagnac and let it cook for about 5 min.

Bon appétit!