Casino Luxembourg – Forum of contemporary art

The Casino Luxembourg is currently a forum for contemporary art 
which was adapted and renovated in 1995 to fit its new role 
of housing temporary exhibitions of Luxembourg art. 
Casino Luxembourg at Wikipedia here.
Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain 
41, rue Notre-Dame | B.P. 345 | L-2013 Luxembourg 

Daniel Buren Exhibition at MUDAM – Luxembourg

The exhibition by Daniel Buren in the Grand Hall of Mudam 
is the fruit of a joint invitation to the artist from Mudam 
and Centre Pompidou-Metz to create a specific installation
 in relation to their respective spaces.

Daniel Buren is a French conceptual artist.
Sometimes classified as an abstract minimalist he is known best 
for using regular, contrasting maxi stripes to integrate the 
visual surface and architectural space, 
notably historical, landmark architecture.

By exhibiting the architecture within the architecture through 

this installation of rare proportions, Daniel Buren is not only 
emphasizing certain architectural characteristics of the museum, 
he is also highlighting the function of the building 
as an “envelope” for art.
Daniel Buren official homepage.