Planning your next holiday? Go to Granada in Andalusia!

Planning vacations in Andalusia, everybody talks about Seville, however guys…since the first moment I was allured by Granada! This city got my heart! 🙂 Apart from the famous Alhambra, a must see in Granada, the city offers lots of different experiences like amazing architecture, flavours, great places to eat and drink, beautiful streets, lovely nature, everything in such a bloom of colours, charming atmosphere, positive vibrations …  and stunning views!

Gramada0Granada0.0Granada0.1Granada0.2Granada4.3We visited Granada in the beginning of Summer. Nevertheless the best time to visit Granada is in Spring or Autumn when the temperature is just perfect with warm sunny days.

During July and August it can be very hot and some days the temperature reaches over 40C. So after a morning walk you must take a break, the famous siesta. Between the hours of 2pm and 5pm more or less, Spain shuts down to allow the locals to rest after a long and hectic morning and prepare for the busy afternoon. In fact “la siesta” is a necessity when the heat temperature reaches its peak around 2pm and it is simply too hot to be outside.


You can read about the Alhambra in my post here. In Granada, Alhambra is not to be missed out! 🙂


We enjoyed a lovely dinner at “La Botilleria“. It is a very nice place with friendly atmosphere. Slightly outside the center, in a calmer and less touristy area. Just perfect! Friendly service and excellent food. The chef is very creative. The dishes were delicious and beautifully presented. We ordered bacallao (cod fish) and pollo (chicken skewer), both pretty good. They also have an interesting selection of wines and beer is also available.


For each drink a nice tapa is served and after we finished our meal and asked for the bill it still came along with samplers of dessert! 🙂 So nice!


In Granada the traffic is restricted in the city centre. Do not trust in your GPS when driving there, you may end up driving onto a street that is not allowed… We stayed in the Hotel Macia Real de la Alhambra, not in the city center but with easy access by public transport (1,20 euro one way ticket for bus) or taxi (about 10 euros one way).


An important hint…beware of the annoying gypsies in the city center. These people always try to get your attention, approaching in a “friendly” way, offering hand reading and then pushing to get your money.


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Alhambra of Granada, Spain.

Hello guys! Once in Andalusia, region of Spain, you must visit the city of Granada and once in Granada, the Alhambra is not to be missed out! This magnificent complex of palace, gardens, fortress is absolutely stunning! Between my WOW and Oh…taking pictures and trying not to miss ANYTHING… to appreciate EVERYTHING…mesmerised and delighted by this place.



Our hints: we bought tickets in the morning to visit end of afternoon. We would recommend that you buy your tickets through the Internet, even if there is a small surcharge. Do not miss out going to the Mirador de San Nicolas to have great views of the Alhambra.


Read more about Alhambra history at Wikipedia.


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