New York City at night

Hi guys! I’m back after a delicious longer Summer vacation. I had been visiting Germany, Sweden, Canada and USA. Lots of pictures and thoughts to share.

Today’s special: NYC at night!

I have already visited NYC before but this time I experienced two different things that for me were really pleasant! First one I did a boat trip at night! Awesome views and it was totally free! Oh yes…you can use the Staten Island Ferry that serves commuters traveling between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan. Second, I enjoyed the great pleasure of eating an American hot-dog! 🙂 By the way, the best one I have eaten! My hint is Crif Dogs. There are many toppings suggestions, my favourites were “Jon-Jon Deragon”, “Tsunami” and “Temptee dog”.

I hope you enjoy the tour!

Love and lights,





New York – USA

New York, NY – The Grand Central Terminal is one of the most important rail stations in the U.S. and was also used to shoot parts of famous movies that we love a lot!
***from our files, 2007