Charming and romantic…this is Pienza, Tuscany-Italy

Hello beautiful people! Today I present you the lovely, the adorable, the cozy village of Pienza in Tuscany…where we enjoyed such a perfect day during this Italy trip. The village is located about 20 kilometers east of Montalcino. Pienza is poetry…This is a quintessential Renaissance town where you can feel part of a postcard full of magnificent landscapes and enjoy the scents and tastes of Tuscany.


Pienza at Wikipedia

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Tiny country of San Marino

Yes, it’s a country, even though it is fully surrounded by Italian land. And it’s the oldest republic still in existence, founded in the year 301. It retains a medieval feel in the historic center of its capital and makes for a pleasant day visit. The total are is just above 60 km2 but somehow they found space to cultivate some vines. They produce a very nice sparkling variety! Views of the city towers and Mount Titano are mesmerizing! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Love, lights and hugs…see you soon!

San Marino0San Marino1.1San Marino1San Marino2San Marino3San Marino4San Marino5San Marino6San Marino7San Marino9San Marino10San Marino8

Peaceful Assisi, Umbria-Italy

Bonjour beautiful people, today I present you the lovely Assisi…the birthplace of St. Francis, who founded the Franciscan religious order in the town in 1208. Highlight for the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, a place full of positive and peaceful energy. Hope you enjoy my pictures! Assisi1Assisi2.1Assisi2Assisi1.2JPGAssisi1.1Assisi3.1Assisi3Assisi4.1JPGAssisi5.1 jPGAssisi5 jPGAssisi6Assisi7Assisi8Assisi6.1Assisi0

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Assisi at Wikipedia

Comune of Assisi website